Project management tool that seamlessly track the progress of a project in real-time.

Zeedas is a premium-satisfaction project management tool that seamlessly track the progress of a project in real-time. This executive tool has several ways to which it can be used to manage project such and ease project development for both the client and the developer.

How it works for the developer

Code reusability

​Zeedas allows for developers to recycle existing codes for new projects thereby saving time and money. After creating a task, Zeedas automatically identifies bits of code that already exist in your repository and recycle them; thereby saving costs and time that could be used to write a new line of codes.

Code Usability
Decentralized Product

Decentralized product deployment​

​Zeedas allows you to break your project into smaller clods and assign them to different developers around the world. Each developer work on their task independently so when they deploy, their code is seamlessly put together.

How it works for clients

Developer Analysis

​Zeedas shows you a developers working hours and workrate by integrating with the developers working environment. It grants an all in-one accessibilities, that tracks the speed of each developers which would help you monitor the time a developer spends on his project and how fast the said developer is in completing his project from anywhere in the world.

Developer Analysis
IP Protection

IP Protection

​​It is equipped with an IP control module that guarantees the safety of you source code. This ensures that developers have access to only modules assigned to them, protecting the full source code.